Resolving Troubled Situations

Norelli & Company has experience with both healthy and troubled organizations, giving us a special appreciation of the fragile line that separates the two. This breadth of experience means that we are adept at identifying the possibilities for corporate renewal through transformation while implementing measures to stabilize an organization's financial situation.

Possible situations:

A once thriving organization is ill-prepared for external changes. Deteriorating financials draw shareholder concern and erode lenders' confidence. An organization finds itself in an early-to-mid-term stage of decline, but still has identifiable strategic assets from which to launch a successful transformation. Swift action is essential to define a new direction and implement positive change.


Shareholder value has declined but still may be positive.

Deliverables and solutions include:

  • Stabilization of cash flow through working capital and other asset management
  • Identification and implementation of cost-improvement and revenue-enhancement opportunities
  • Organization and talent assessment, ensuring that the right talent is in the right places
  • Comprehensive strategy assessment leading to the creation of new mission statements, goals, strategies, and action plans to improve performance
  • Divestiture and investment evaluation, including assistance to investment bankers

Revitalizing Healthy Organizations

Resolving Troubled Situations

Managing Transitions
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