Managing Transitions

Transition and/or crisis management situations require not only the talent and services needed in troubled situations, but also strong leadership skills.

Possible situations:

An organization is struggling to survive. A CEO and Board of Directors find themselves under extreme pressure from lenders and/or shareholders. A family-owned business is in conflict, paralyzing the decision-making process while the company falls into deeper distress. An organization needs the expertise of a seasoned change agent to take immediate and decisive action to initiate positive progress.


Shareholder value may be already negative and declining further.

Deliverables and solutions include:

  • Creditor negotiations, resulting in financial restructuring and feasible loan workouts
  • New marketing, operational, organizational, technology and/or e-business strategies to enhance value and operational effectiveness
  • Assistance in recapitalization
  • Resolution of IT crises due to failed ERP or related software implementations and swift restoration of critical business processes
  • Detailed evaluation of market and product portfolios
  • Creation of a new Strategic Plan based on a viable business model with detailed action steps

Revitalizing Healthy Organizations

Resolving Troubled Situations

Managing Transitions
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