Revitalizing Healthy Organizations

Your organization may be a well-established leader, but has reached a point where progress has stalled. Slowly eroding market share, client attrition and declining enthusiasm can all signal the need for revitalization.

Possible situations:

A financially healthy organization finds its historical model is becoming obsolete. Marketplace, product and/or technological shifts require re-thinking a current business strategy to ensure a future as good as the past. An organization needs to regain positive momentum.


Growth of shareholder value is slowing or stagnant. New threats appearing from existing or nontraditional competitors.

Deliverables and solutions include:

  • Industry analyses, including assessment of competitors and market attractiveness, resulting in strategies to reposition clients for greater success
  • New marketing, operational, organizational, technology and/or e-business strategies to enhance value and operational effectiveness
  • Mergers or acquisition evaluations, thorough financial pro forma analysis, organizational and strategic due diligence, and post-acquisition assimilation strategy
  • Evaluation of business requirements and subsequent implementation of appropriate software, technology and management processes to optimize the organization's operations and create a competitive edge

Revitalizing Healthy Organizations

Resolving Troubled Situations

Managing Transitions
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