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All organizations must periodically transform themselves to improve or sustain their competitive positioning. The challenge is to anticipate when transformation is required and to effectively direct the transformation process.

transformation [tránsfer·másh'n] noun: a complete change,
usually into something with an improved appearance or usefulness.

Corporate transformation can take many forms:

A healthy organization needing revitalization

A troubled situation requiring resolution

An organizational transition that must be managed

When skillfully handled, any of these situations can present an opportunity for exciting growth and progress.

For more than 20 years, we have helped guide leading domestic and international middle market organizations through such periods of fundamental change. Building on the experience of seasoned executives, we have worked alongside senior managements, boards of directors, shareholders and their advisors at critical times in their organizations’ lives. Always, our approach is tailor-made and based on proven solutions. We avoid overcomplicated concepts and give clear answers.

Our successful, straightforward approach with both healthy and troubled organizations, whether for-profit or nonprofit, has earned Norelli & Company recognition for high professional standards, strong values, superior analytical insights, interpersonal skills and practical solutions.


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